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The world's most addictive card game ever

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This app is designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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Price: $0.99
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Updated: May 02, 2011
Version: 2.3

Tong-its is the most addictive card game ever! It is fun and challenging that it keeps you glued playing it for hours.

This card game is played in dorms and boarding houses, in every street corner, in cabins and barracks, by people in every walk of life, by both sexes and at any age across the globe.

The game is similar to mahjoong. It is very engaging and fast moving that keeps you glued to your seat. If you are tired of the usual poker, try this strategy card game now.

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Tong-itsXtreme - must-have game for your mobile gadget.

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Game Features

From the developers of the highly successful World Tong-its Tour for java smartphones, brings you this enhanced version for your iOS gadgets.

User Experience feels like the real thing! You play agains two Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines. The AIs can take several personalities, making the game unpredictable and far from boring.

Learning AIs. As you get better at playing the game, so with the AIs. They learn from their mistakes and they become more intelligent!

Interactive messaging. As you are learning the game, the messages guide you you don't actually need to read the help screens!

Multiple options. Change card design, change the table or the scene for iPads, turn on the sound. You can stop the game anytime. You can also refresh your money and level and everything else anytime.

Game center logo for tong-itsGame Center. Compare and compete with the best tong-its players from all around the globe. Earn achievement badges and proudly display them on your main screen.


iPhone and iPod touch

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How to Play the Game

How to Win. Your goal is to reduce the total value of your hand on your turn. You win if you achieve one of the following:

  • Eliminated all your cards (Tong-its!)
  • The lowest hand value at the end of the round
  • The lowest hand value in a Draw/Fight

To reduce your hand value:

  • Form and Post at least 1 Made
  • Attach card/s to the Posted Mades

Jackpot is won if you win two consecutive rounds.

Game Flow. The round starts with the deal – 13 cards for the starting player or the previous round winner and 12 cards for the other 2 players.

On your turn, you start by picking from the card stack, or form made from the latest dumped card. If you pick the last dumped card, you have to post the made created.

You may or may not post the other made/s in your hand. You can also attach card/s to any posted made of any player. Then  you end your turn by dumping a card

Initiating a Draw can be made before you pick from the stack or form made from the last dumped card. Additionally, you must also have posted at least 1 made and that no card was attached to your posted made/s from your previous turn to your current turn.

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